Naming plan to show our gratitude

Naming plan to laboratories and areas in the Kavli IPMU building listed below are available. Please consider providing needed financial support for the dream to understand the mystery of the Universe and leave your name in the memorial plate in each place that bespeaks timeless values.

 Kavli IPMU Research buildingKavli IPMU Research building

1st floor

  • Seminar Room A.B 4million yen
  • Laboratory A.B 5million yen


2nd floor

  • Library 10million yen
  • Conference Room B 1million yen




3rd floor

  • Researcher Room C1 2million yen
  • Researcher Room C2 4million yen
  • Researcher Room (10 rooms) 1million yen
  • Loggia 5million yen

4th floor

  • Researcher Room (26 rooms) 1million yen

5th floor

  • Researcher Room (18 rooms) 1million yen

6th floor

  • Amphitheater (Roof Terrace) 1.4million yen
AmphitheaterAmphitheater LoggiaLoggia
LibraryLibrary RoomResearcher Room

Seminar Room


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